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Owen Ambrosius ► Halfblood  ► 32 ► Neutral ► Matt Smith ► Taken

A heart that’s hopeful A head that’s full of dreams But this becoming Is harder than it seems Feels like I’m Looking for a reason Roaming through the night to find My place in this world

► Early Life:

Owen came from a very rich pureblood family. He was always a sweet boy who liked to care for people. When he was four his little sister Raine was born and from that point on she was his. He took care of her and looked after her and claimed her as his to protect and love. They were inseparable. She taught him how to play games and how to tie her shoes and were to find all the good hiding spots. He loved his little sister so much and their parents loved and cared for them. The family money made it easy to have family time, they didn’t have to worry about anything or go without. Their mother was always there for them but she was one of those women where she didn’t see any of the bad around her, she just didn’t seem to notice when things were wrong and Owen’s father worked often. When Raine was upset it was Owen who had to heal the wounds and make everything ok.

Outside of the home Owen was mocked a lot. Raine was beautiful and elegant but Owen had a large, blocky chin, lanky arms and legs, and just generally didn’t fit together right. His father said he’d grow into it but he was not growing fast enough for the other kids. They would make fun of him constantly and he distanced himself from people. He was one of the most energetic, happy go lucky, fun, good willed people around but he never had anyone near him because he didn’t look right according to the other kids. For Owen his Hogwarts letter wasn’t a blessing, it was a curse.

► Hogwarts Life:

Owen was miserable his first year of school. He was away from his little sister and his parents and just didn’t know how to make friends. He was always so afraid to find a friend and then get made fun of, which always happened. He didn’t know how to tell everyone that it hurt when they made fun of him. He was a Ravenclaw and he was brilliantly smart but no one in his class was overly intent on talking to him, he just didn’t fit in. In Owen’s third year things got bad. He was so bad that when he went home he locked himself away and distanced himself from everyone. He just didn’t want to hurt anymore. The worst part was that he was very mean to Raine for a while there. Finally she got sick of it and yanked him out of his funk kicking and screaming. Finally Owen found a friend , in his fourth year he managed to find a Slytherin boy in his year that didn’t quite fit. Wesley, whom was flamboyantly gay form the womb. Together they got through school Wes flirting with every boy he could find and Owen dating a girl here and there, though never really doing too much. He managed to grow into himself about 6th year, though his chin was never any better. Then he managed to get some friends.The one thing Owen loved more than anything was Hogwarts Weekends. He would go to the Three Broomsticks and end up spending the entire time basically mooning over Madam Rosmerta. He tried very hard to pretend he was not, to pretend he didn’t like her and wasn’t just another boy caught by her charm, but he was. 

► Adult Life:

In the first war Owen was working in the company his great-great-Grandfather founded bringing in their family money. The family fortune would be split, Raine would get a large trust fund and access to nearly all of the money and Owen would get the company and a trust fund of approximately the same size. Owen and Raine stayed mostly out of the war, though Raine was always stronger and had wanted to fight in the war Owen kept her out to keep her safe. In the end it was no good. No one really knew why, probably just the wrong place at the wrong time, but one day Raine’s body was found on the street. The Death Eaters had tortured and killed her. Owen was a mess but he had to keep composed and strong for his parents. He never could work in the family business again though. Owen’s parents never dealt with their pain but he needed to. He ended up talking to someone, after years of therapy he started to move on. He did the one thing he had always done to make her happy, he made Candy. He went to work at Honeydukes and when the owners got too old they retired and gave the place to him. Upon receiving it he put up a small memorial to Raine, she had always loved the place.

► Personality:

Owen is a happy and energetic man. No one would ever know he was touched by the war with his actions. He is a genuinely loving and very sweet man though he lacks confidence form time to time. He is always there with a smile and loves to bring joy to children. He’s an eccentric man with a love of life and adores fanciful things. He does not wave his money around, in fact he hardly uses any money he did not own. He is very bright, and spends most of his genius on creating Candy. He loves to invent new sweets and is very good at it. His specialty is charms.

December 12st

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